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Tilt Hats? Topper Hats? Make them? Sell them? Collect? Love to share the style?
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1800s, 1920's, 1930's, 1940's, 1950's, agl, beads, bette davis, betty page, black lace, blocking, bombshells, buckram, burlesque, bustles, clothing design, clubwear, cocktail hats, collectors, corsetry, corsets, costume, crafting, crafts, creating, daisy cutter, dancing, dita von teese, dolls, edwardian, false lashes, fans, fascinators, fashion, faux fur, feather fans, feathers, fishnet stockings, flapper, flapper fashion, flowers, fringe, geisha, glitzkrieg burlesque, gloves, goth, gothic, hair pins, hand sewing, hat blocking, hat creation, hat pins, hats, hatties, la mode illustree, lace, lillies, make up, milliner, milliners, millinery, moulin rouge, musicwerks, netting, old movies, pasties, peacock, pin up, pin ups, pin-up girls, pincurls, psychobilly, ribbon, rockabilly, sewing, silk flowers, skulls, stage, steampunk, style, swing, swing music, the moulin rouge, tilt hats, top hats, topper hats, toppers, tsumami kanzashi, victorian, vintage, vintage clothing, vintage fetish, vintage glamour, vintage hair, vintage hairstyles, vintage hats, vintage make-up, vintage photography, vintage underwear, vulpine la femme
Make them? Sell them? Collect? Love to share the style?

Discuss them, sell them and enjoy.

Be nice and put more then one image behind a lj cut.

Keep your auctions or items you may be selling down to less then 3 post a week.

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