Hello all!
I'm new to this community and must say, these are all such lovely hats!
Here's a little post of my most recent hat...

I hope you enjoyed it :)
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I'm Anda, my fashion line MASQ Fashion needs some help! I'm participating in fashion contest by EVOQUE. Voting ends on June 18th midnight (GMT +01) and I need to keep my Top10 position.. If you can, please vote for me here:
All you have to do is log-in with FB pass or register on the site itself, push the BIG red button on the right from my design and voila - you have casted a vote for me! ^_^ It means a lot, the prize is to get to London for one week and watch how my sketch is turned into a real product. If I stay in the Top10 I might have this chance!

The design:
purple top hat

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Blue Mini Bowler, The Tilted Irene

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All of the hats are blocked by hand.. (steam, wool, wooden hat block, & lots of pins)

I had quite a few more made, but didn't get any great shots of them... They all have new homes now. I hope to see them at some point.

If you have any questions about them I'll be happy to answer :D